Rottefella Xcelerator PRO Classic NNN-bindings

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Xcelerator Pro Classic is Rottefella's top model and adapted for Rottefella Move™. It is designed to help you move better and faster and increases your skiing pleasure. The wide binding housing offers optimum power transfer from boot to snow and good balance in each kick. Xcelerator Pro Classic is equipped with integrated QuickLock™, which allows for the binding, easily and without tools, to be moved to the desired position: forward for better grip or backward for better glide. In combination with the MOVE™ Switch, you can easily and without taking off your skis, move the binding forward for better grip and backward for better glide. Xcelerator Pro Classic was Gold Winner at ISPO 2016 for best innovation in cross-country skiing.

Weight: 191 g
Length: 221 mm
Width: 57,7 mm
Shoe size: 36-52



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129.00 € / pair(s) *
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