How to order

From Kiteen suksi you will get individually selected skis for your all needs. Our range covers products from wide range of top-quality racing skis, preferred models suitable for enthusiasts, not forgetting the junior skiers produced in KSF Sport Ltd's ski factory at Kitee. Kitee has a long tradition of manufacturing high-quality skis and the oldest brands of skis has been in production for over 100 years.

Ordering from online shop is easy. You can choose a skis from a wide range of suitable skis for you and when ordering delivery to us your height and weight. Do not forget to tell your requested weather conditions when ordering racing.
Based on the information you provide our famous ski expert
Harri Kirvesniemi will select for you a perfectly matched pairs of skis. Harri give you a warranty on the performance of the skis.

How to select lenght of Skis:

Skating: Height of skier (cm) + 0-10 cm

Classic: Height of skier (cm) + 15-25 cm

Optigrip: Height of skier (cm) + 5-20 cm

How to select lenght of Ski Poles:

Skating: Height of skier (cm) x 0,90 (89-90% of height of the skier)

Classic + Optigrip: Height of skier (cm) x 0,83 (82-83% of height of the skier)

Second-class skis often have minor color shade errors in the graphics or small surface irregularities on the ski or edge that do not affect the structure or performance. The skis come with standard warranty terms.