Competition skis

Cold conditions

Skis designed for Cold conditions.

Wet conditions

Skis designed for Wet conditions.


Transparent (TP) base material doesn’t contain any graphite. TP base is used in wet and humid snow conditions near zero degrees. Yoko Nano High Speed TP base functions well also on new snow. In races we recommend to use only 100 % flour powders and blocks directly ironed on clean base.

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Karhu Volcan Skate 10 Carbon Cold 2-cl (182-188 cm)

Product no.: 12-18600-200

249.00 *
589.00 €
In stock
Can be delivered in 3-5 days

Karhu Volcan Skate 20 Carbon Wet (176-194 cm) pink

Product no.: 12-20601

249.00 *
649.00 €
In stock
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